Decipher Tools Blog: iOS 11

Wie kann ich auf Dateien von Apps zugreifen, die in iOS 11 nicht mehr unterstützt werden?

One major change in iOS 11 is that iOS no longer runs older 32-bit architecture apps. It's not likely that many of these apps will be updated, especially those that [... Read more about How Can I Access Files From Apps No Longer Supported in iOS 11?]

Können Sie eine iOS 11 -Sicherung auf iOS 10 wiederherstellen?

Update Januar 25, 2018: If you need to install 32-bit apps on an iPhone/iPad/iPod that is running iOS 10, open the App Store app and go to your past purchases. [... Read more about Can You Restore an iOS 11 Backup to iOS 10?]

iOS 11 Update - Stellen Sie verlorene oder gelöschte Fotos wieder her, die nach dem Upgrade auf iOS 11 gelöscht wurden.

Upgrading your iPhone or iPad to the newly released iOS 11 can be both exciting and a bit terrifying at the same time. It's a thrill to download Apple's newest [... Read more about iOS 11 Update - Recover lost or deleted photos that were erased after upgrading to iOS 11]

Upgrade auf iOS 11 - Tipps, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Textnachrichten und iMessages sind gesichert

Apple's iOS 11 is due out on September 19 and it's a free upgrade for all iOS users. A few of the new features in iOS 11 include: Siri Improvements [... Read more about Upgrading to iOS 11 - Tips to Make Sure Your Text Messages and iMessages are Backed Up]