So zeigen Sie alle Fotos in meiner iPhone-Sicherung an an Mac oder Windows

Sometimes pictures on your iPhone get deleted or go missing and, even with a lot of searching, it can still be difficult to find the lost photos on your devices. Often the missing photos were in the camera roll, other times the images were text message attachments, or perhaps pictures were contained in one of the many various apps on your iOS device. Whatever the case, most people don't have the time or energy to thoroughly search their entire iPhone or iPad to try and locate the photos they are looking for.

Decipher Backup Browser offers you a simple solution by giving you the ability to instantly see every photo contained in your entire iPhone backup. If you've recently backed up your device, then chances are you might be in luck locating the images you are searching for. Here are the quick steps on how to accomplish this task:

  1. Download Decipher Backup Browser on your computer
  2. Select "All Photos / Videos" in backup

View photos in an iPhone backup

After selecting "All Photos / Videos" in your iPhone backup, you'll see thumbnail images of every single photo that is currently available. If you have a large number of pictures, the photos will be broken down into several different folders within Decipher Backup Browser in the middle column.

You can immediately scroll through the thumbnails to see if the missing image you are searching for happens to be available!