Decipher Tools Blog: Snapchat

Recovering Snapchat Friends Metadata

As I wrote about in an earlier post: it seems as though the latest Snapchat updates remove a lot of the metadata that Decipher Backup Browser leveraged to recover Snapchat [... Read more about Recovering Snapchat Friends Metadata]

Snapchat Metadata Changed/Removed in iPhone Backups

It looks like the latest Snapchat update has either changed the structure of the metadata storage used within the app, or simply marked the metadata file as not to be [... Read more about Snapchat Metadata Changed/Removed in iPhone Backups]

How Does SnapHack Work?

If you're reading this article, you've probably stumbled on all the hubub about the app SnapHack, an app that enables you to save your received SnapChat photos. So how does [... Read more about How Does SnapHack Work?]